About Uptown Lights:

Uptown Lights was started in 2013 by three close friends, Andrew De La Bruere, Bryce Walker and Tim Rist. The team of passionate entrepreneurs quickly established themselves in the Northwest for offering quality Christmas light installs. But their dream of business was different then most. As a division of Compassion Entrepreneurs, LLC, Uptown Lights desires to merge amazing non-profits and profit organizations to help better our community.

Our Mission:

Compassion Entrepreneurs (Uptown Lights and Uptown Painting) is dedicated to providing our clients with service of the highest craftsmanship while inspiring the community through philanthropy in order to instill FAITH and HOPE in making a better world.

Our  Experience:

Last year Uptown Lights served over 150 homeowners between Portland, Eugene and the surrounding areas with a high degree of customer satisfaction. So far we’ve raised $100k for a variety of charity organizations. We are excited to continue serving our customers (both those whom we have in the past and our cherished new customers) in the coming year. We have made it our goal not only to bless our clients with great service by to also offer opportunities for other like-minded individuals so they may gain real world experience in an ethical business setting. We are excited to see where God is taking us!


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Uptown Lights & Compassion Entrepreneurs
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