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Uptown Lights- Gutter Cleaning

Our Story

We desire to do business better while helping our community more.

Uptown Lights is a division of Compassion Entrepreneurs LLC.  We desired to provide clients with an amazing Christmas experience while having an impactful footprint on local non-profits. Since the foundation of the business in 2013, we have donated 10% of each job to local charities. 


So far, we have raised over $200,000 to positively impact our communities by providing Christmas light displays across our communities.

Uptown Painting- Proudly painting your neighborhood

Uptown Values

Detailed Customized Estimates

We want to make sure our bids matches your expectations.

Effective Communication

We strive to maintain clear lines of communication to ensure the best possible customer experience.

Teams That Care

Our team is your team. We strive to make your Christmas light display come alive.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The project is not complete until you're satisfied.


When you work with Compassion Entrepreneurs, 10% of each job is given to great local charities. These are the charities we support.


Compassion Connect

Compassion Connect brings churches together to serve their neighborhood through health clinics, fighting human trafficking, and promoting other forms of development that help the community at large.


First Image

First Image has been working to live out God's heart to restore His image in the lives of those who have been impacted by sexual brokenness and abortion for over 30 years.

Transitional Youth

Transitional Youth Works to bring hope and healthy transformation to at-risk youth in Oregon and Washington.   By providing outreach, support, and housing to homeless and at-risk youth, they seek to transform both hearts and lives through compassion, guidance, and the grace of God

Light up your space!
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